Damon Koles Actor / Model / Vlogger / Influencer

Damon Koles Actor / Model / Vlogger / Influencer

Damon Koles Actor / Model / Vlogger / InfluencerDamon Koles Actor / Model / Vlogger / InfluencerDamon Koles Actor / Model / Vlogger / Influencer

Adventure Seeker & Promoter of Good Vibes

All About Me


From The Beginning



By the time I could talk and maybe even earlier, all I've wanted to do is spread "Good Vibes" to anyone who I might be destined to cross paths with!

From a very young age my friendly and extroverted nature along with a relentless enthusiasm to entertain and perform meant that by the age of 4 I had convinced my parents to sign me up with a modelling agency. This is where I got my first taste of modelling, doing campaign's for kids fashion labels and national brands. 

At age 8 I began acting classes and started doing freelance acting roles such as short films and online commercials. 

These roles led me to sign with another talent agency & I have now gained professional experience in a variety of areas such as fit modelling, runway shows, music videos, stills photography,  both short and feature films as well as commercials and television shows.

My favourite part of what I do would be, without question, the amazing people and great locations I've worked at along the way, from the crew, makeup artists, actors, models and even people I've met in casting waiting rooms, they all make up the reasons why I love doing this so much...it's a world of storytelling where I've had 6 mums and 4 dads....I've been a child in 1914, and I've even turned into a Zombie! 

It is such a privilege to play a role in the telling of someone’s story, but believe me, it takes a team. 

I'm excited for the story's yet to be told!


Philanthropy, A Voice & A Platform


There is a very famous quote "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". I am a firm believer that   humanitarianism starts with you and this is what I'm referring to when I say I'm a promoter of "Good Vibes", and trust me, I say that a lot!

You may wonder....what could a 12 yo understand about those BIG words like philanthropy & humanitarianism? Well as life would have it, my family and I have been on both ends of such wonderful acts of kindness.

At age 7, Inspired by a female classmate, I began to grow my hair long with the hopes that my hair could be used to make a wig for a child who had lost theirs due to cancer treatment. I accomplished my goal, it wasn't particularly easy & i did cop some bullying but I knew this was nothing compared to what those kids were going through.

On the eve of my 9th Birthday I shaved of all my hair and donated it, along with $1500 that I had managed to raise. It felt amazing to know there was something even I, an 11 yo kid, could do to help make the world a better place.

This brings me to my little brother Banjo, he is a very special boy, he has something called 'trisomy 3p' which means he has a duplication on the short arm of his 3rd chromosome, as a result he faces many challenges, but don't dis his ability!!!! 

I hope to use my voice & social platform to bring awareness and acceptance to people and families living with special needs. 



Adventure is out there!


My country, Australia, is often referred to as the 'lucky country'.

As I'm growing older, i'm beginning to appreciate the beautiful place I live & the amazing places i get to visit more and more.

I have always really loved the idea of exploring , nature, landmarks and all sorts of different places, and that got me to thinking, maybe there is a way I can share my adventures...and stories....with others.

Now, along with my new Canon Powershot G7X mark II , a Joby Gorilla Pod 3K kit and not forgetting a tiny backpack for essential items, my adventures have well & truly started and can be found on my YouTube channel.

It is still very early days and i'll be learning as I go but I can promise you lots of laughs (maybe a few cringe worthy moments too) and an abundance of those "Good Vibes" that i'm always going on about!

So there you have it....this is my dream, my story, I am inviting you along for the ride, I hope you enjoy it....and maybe, just maybe, I can inspire a few of you to go on adventures, follow your dreams, whatever they may be.....and of course.......


This is the mission, should you choose to accept it.

Thanks for visiting my page,

your mate Damon Koles


Damon Koles

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